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5th-May-2010 03:30 am - New webcomic!
Webcomic - It's Spock Now Hey all. I'm still alive. Hectic month with finals and other things. More updates later, but in the meantime, I've gotten my hands on a tablet for the purposes of creating a new webcomic. It's still in the works, but here's the pilot strip, which encompasses my love for geek shows and ... hate for the travesty that has become Heroes.

You can also check it out at my bare-bones deviantART page.

What do you guys think? ^_^

ETA: Sylar + Kitty picture, for your reference.
15th-Mar-2010 11:29 pm - This is me singing.
Life - The Great Job Hunt of 2010: Job fair at Wagner on Friday. Made many good connections and piqued the interest of a few employers. Going down the list in order of places I want to be employed with, I'm applying to:

Environmental Protection Agency (Paid summer internship program)
HR&A Advisors, Inc. (Summer Fellowship, chance for full-time employment afterward)
NYU Furman Center (university think-tank on urban planning issues)
Department of Transportation (City Planner)
Office of Emergency Management (WMDs Planner. Yes, WMDs)
Fifth Avenue Committee (Brooklyn non-profit)

I'm currently reading How to Interview Like a Top MBA and it's giving some pretty good advice. I'll save writing a review for it until after I get a job, though. Or don't get one.

As a side note, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) was there. I met their representative last year and he was royally unhelpful and unresponsive. This year was no different, if not worse. Rather than engage in any kind of conversation with anyone, he sat in his chair and just said, "Go to the website." He literally came up from Washington, D.C. to just sit in a chair and tell that to people. It's not a good image to give of your agency, and two years running, it's not helping. I really, really don't like that guy.

Music - Cortlandt Alley: Original song + video under the cut! CLICK CLICK CLICK!Collapse )
10th-Mar-2010 11:34 am - So that happened.
Wagner - Die midterms. Die: Environmental Economics midterm was last week. It was one of those things that, yeah, I studied well for it, and I think I answered the questions well enough, but it was ... such an open ended exam. For instance: "How would you design a bid elicitation question in a contingent valuation questionnaire?" The point of the question is to ... test how you will write a question. Yes.

Land Use Law midterm was ... interesting. I spent the entire weekend anticipating that the midterm would follow along the lines of this: In SCOTUS case Kelo v. City of New London, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the city, deeming their use of eminent domain power as legitimate. However, a recent ruling in the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division in the case of Tuck-It-Away Inc. v. New York State Urban Development Corporation (the infamous Manhattanville v. Columbia University Expansion case), the court ruled in favor of property owners. What were the circumstances leading to these decisions? What was the legal rationale for each case? Under what conditions would the rulings have been the same?

That would be a legit midterm. Instead, our prof ... just asked us to take an eminent domain case—ANY eminent domain case we discussed—and ... just summarize it. Seriously. That was it. Oh yeah, and he let us use our notes. I was confused because ... it didn't really seem like something we should've had to sit down and take. I actually would've welcomed an essay-based take-home midterm because I would've rocked its face off. But when you're asked to just simply ... summarize something? How the heck do you grade that!? HOW!?!?!?!?!?

Life - Maybe I need a fake ID saying I'm 25: Boston Tea Party Lindy Exchange is at the end of this month. fifithepig already ordered bus tickets and my dad got us a discounted hotel room (with a king-sized bed and a fireplace ... which makes me feel awkward wondering if he thinks I'm going to do what I think he thinks I'm going to do). The only problem is, we can't get car rental because ... neither of us are 25, and the car people won't let us sign the car off in my dad's name instead.

Might have to take a car and roadtrip up there instead. But my parents are concerned about using our cars for long-term trips since they're ... old. And have about 200,000 miles on them already. And may be prone to breaking down. At least they're not Toyotas.

Music - Cortlandt Alley: Katie and I have been songwriting machines in the past month. We've got about eight songs set to go, including two or three that can go for pretty extended jams, meaning we're ever closer to that 45-minute set. And still working on more! I'm going to suggest we do a Bob Dylan cover if necessary to fill up time. I'm a big fan of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," especially when in cover form:

Biggest boost of confidence has been that after our first session together, Katie informed me that both our bassist and drummer came up to her separately and told her how great a voice I had. Yes yes yes yes yes yes. These years of hard work are paying off!
7th-Mar-2010 12:36 pm - There's too much confusion
Life - There must be some way out of here: Last night pretty much solidified the fact that I have to get out of this apartment building as soon as the lease is up, if not sooner. It's a good area, yes, but the problem is the building itself and the neighbors. Or rather, the two in tandem. Because sound travels through everything in this apartment. When my next-door neighbor starts the shower, I can hear the water pounding in the tub as if a monsoon were starting outside. Every time their little daughter cries, it echoes through my apartment as well. I can hear my upstairs neighbor doing a morning workout routine and playing ... I believe it's house-style electronica. And the elevator is miserable. I got stuck in it two weeks ago, and every so often, it makes this awful, loud, and entire-apartment-vibrating grinding noise that makes me feel really, really uncomfortable about ever using it.

Last night, however, my downstairs neighbor was playing music obnoxiously loudly until 4:30am. I did the good ol' foot stomp on the floor at about 3, and that got them to turn down the music. Temporarily. Less than half an hour later, it was back at full volume. Tried to sleep with my iPod in my ears but the sound was coming up through the ventilation too. Not to mention, the bass was still vibrating my apartment. Went downstairs to bitch them out (it's Sunday, I can say swear words) and here's the funny part: when I got back to my room to try to sleep, the first thing they did was turn the fucking volume up for a little while longer and then turned it off.

Die in a fire.

RP - The pains of being really, really selective: Spent a lot of last night (after the land use law studying and the resume-remaking) looking for an RP to join via LiveJournal or InsaneJournal. I'm already signed up for one on IJ based on the A Song of Ice and Fire universe, but ... it's currently really, really slow going as the OOC asylum hasn't been active in the last few days and the IC asylum has a couple open threads in which no one is participating. Oh, and I keep getting an error when trying to join the IC and OOC because IJ sucks, even though my application was accepted.

And so. I try to find another RP to join. But I'm pretty much only really comfortable RPing original characters in non-fandom universes, or just sticking to universes I'm actually very well-versed in (Buffyverse, BSG, A:TLA, or Mass Effect, at this point). And then, while I was searching through comms, that part of my brain going, "YOU'RE GOING TO DROP THE RP WITHIN A MONTH BECAUSE OF TIME CONFLICTS ANYWAY" kept going off.

Ugh. I don't have time for fun. Or I get disinterested after a while. I've found that if I just front-load an experience and immerse myself in it way too much at first, then yeah, the charm wears off and I drop it pretty fast afterward. That's been my problem with several of the RPs I've been part of in the past—start off so well, so excited, and post all the time, and then get tired of it. But it's hard to get an experience that you can take on your own time and at your own pace. My most recent D&D campaign lasted about a year with sporadic sessions, yes, and that was one of the most fulfilling RP experiences I've ever had (especially being the DM and having to play so many different characters).

Does anyone have a recommendation for an RP not requiring that you HAVE TO POST EVERY FREAKING WEEK? I'm cool with a two-week activity check.
Wagner - Midterm Madness: This is the boring part of the post. And most stereotypically academic.Collapse )

Life - Summer of Conflicting Schedules: fifithepig has wanderlust. A very, very strong case thereof. She's begun plotting a gigantic, five-week Eurotrip vacation, planning to hit up England, Scotland, France, Amsterdam, Portugal(?), and ending in Sweden. The Sweden stop is for two (maybe three) weeks for the Herrang dance camp, an annual gathering of the best swing dancers from around the world teaching lessons to the less-awesome and competing their faces off:

**the guy with blond hair is Skye Humphries, and he's my mancrush in the Lindy Hop world. Essentially, he's my favorite dancer currently in the scene.

Of course, I am invited to go along, but being that I don't currently have a paying job and am living off my parents' money while pursuing a master's degree, a lot really depends on whether they'd be able to assemble the funds to let me just roam around Europe for a while.

Except that I also just got enrolled into a two-week intensive class in Cape Town in South Africa for environmental policies and sustainability, and this takes place at the same exact time the Herrang dance camp is. And while Herrang takes place annually, this is the last opportunity that I'd have to go on a study abroad session as I'll be graduating in May 2011 and need to stay in New York City for the entirety of my last year for a two-semester program.

And another kink? I just got a message about the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 640-hour program that essentially grooms selected candidates for a job in the federal government. A well-paying, hyper-secure, amazing-benefits federal job. And holy crap am I qualified. I'm applying to it, yes, and if that comes through, then pretty much, all bets are off and I'm going to do that above all else. Of course, that would pretty much mean sacrificing an entire summer to work in Washington, D.C. And perhaps even moving there. If I get the spot. If anyone is religious, I'd welcome a prayer.

Music - Cortlandt Alley: At least I know I can always fall back on my music.Collapse )
2nd-Mar-2010 12:58 am - What is this, I don't even—
Wagner - Midterm season: Hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate want to die. This is normal, though. It's that wonderful period of stressful midterm studying again. Unfortunately, the one that's probably going to be most stressful is the first one coming up.

This is life at the Robert F. Wagner School for Public ServiceCollapse )

Swing - Falling in Love Again: fifithepig and I were supposed to go to Violet Ball (the annual NYU-wide dance extravaganza in the library where people have the tendency to kill themselves) with my undergrad friends. Unfortunately, when the people in charge of getting our tickets went to the box office, the event was already sold out. So while they went off to get drunk (and ... drunk dialed me at 3:41am), my girlfriend and I instead went to a swing dance event in Midtown called Falling in Love Again, which promised love songs from the 20s, 30s, and 40s and encouraged vintage attire.

Don't you love it when things we great potential ... suck?Collapse )

LJ - Hello, new flist peeps!: Okay. I went on a spree recently and made many new LJ friends, so hello anakngtinapa, crazy4t, keeperofthekeys, moonisaballoon, natural_bore, turtleyurtle1, w0nderwhatsnext, weirdly_cool, and xkylaxreneex. I think that's everyone. Feel free to say hi! :D :D :D
27th-Feb-2010 02:25 am - Live from Cortlandt Alley...
Music: Cortlandt Alley: Thursday night was the first session with my full band. We played in a tiny, tiny dorm room at Greenwich Hotel (where did you used to live, shoroko?). I must say, I believe that a drummer has, indeed, been missing my entire life. The energy, OH HECK YES THE ENERGY! Plus, I've had ideas of how these songs would sound with a full band but ... when you actually put a beat behind it. Percussion makes a huge difference.

We're playing rock-based folk and blues. As primarily a folk musician, I have to admit, I'm the least talented in the band with an instrument (besides my voice, that is). I play my guitar competently enough and can solo if given enough time to think a lead riff through, but the other three kinda breathe this stuff. They're all very well-versed in music theory and can tell you the difference between and augmented and diminished 7. Me? I just like putting chords together that sound pretty. o_o

Music: D-Bag Mayer: John Mayer is a douchebag. We will not forget that. But fifithepig and I went to his show at Madison Square Garden tonight and, minus the terrible opening act, had a blast. (Seriously, the opener was so bad, fifithepig actually walked out to take care of phone calls while I talked to the guitarist in my band via Blackberry AIM until they were done).

John Mayer, himself, was astounding. I must admit, I much more enjoy his latter-day, bluesier material than his earlier pop-centric stuff, but "Why Georgia" has a very special meaning to me.

What makes him particularly fascinating is his virtuosity as a guitarist. In a Top 40 world largely focused on the skill of producers in crafting the best sounds for artists, leading to more focus on behind-the-scenes work in addition to (oft-outrageous) presentation, John Mayer is like a throwback to a bygone era. He really captures the classic rock spirit—long and extended guitar solos, finely executed jams, and not a little bit of swagger. And he simultaneously makes it feel fresh and accessible, even if it's something that's been happening for decades. The girls screaming out his name are reminiscent of the Beatles' own appeal. In fact, girls screaming is pretty much all you would hear at his concert if the band didn't have amps.

But no. This still does not excuse the douchebaggery. Keep apologizing, John.

Music: A Fair Summer: Allison, the other half of my folk band, A Fair Summer, came back from (effing) France for two weeks, and due to my schedule I was only able to see her once. And we weren't able to play music together. Or dance together. This is my sadface.

Oh. But bonus! Here's us covering Damien Rice's "The Professor & La Fille Danse" from several months ago. Though, the video starts in the middle of the second verse.

When she gets back from her year-long teaching gig in France, I really want to find a way to incorporate her into my new band. :D
16th-Feb-2010 12:32 am - Dreaded Meme Time: 7 Songs
Damn it shoroko.

Rules: List seven you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your winter. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

Summer comes to multiply...Collapse )

... my flist is small. I tag: ink_n_imp, matrixspaz01011, freechianti, hiratsu, kathynancygirl, star_lace, and lodessa.
14th-Feb-2010 11:53 am - Last night's action
1. Probably the best pre-Valentine's Day date ever, and easily on my top 5 list of best things I've ever done with fifithepig. Following a 3-hour swing dance workshop in which I learned things I mostly knew before and realized I was doing them wrong, we headed to the West Village. There's a wonderful little used, out-of-print, and antique cookbooks store called Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks, which is also reviewed via Yelp, and we spent about an hour just going through only a fraction of the books there. A tiny, tiny fraction. We ended up settling for a home-style Southern cooking cookbook and one for spice-intensive recipes collected from around the world following old spice trade routes. Hell. Yes.

2. Then? We went to Taim. I've never had better falafels.

3. Had Newman Club friends over to re-watch Slumdog Millionaire. I really feel like I should be doing that kind of thing more often but with crappy movies, in which we can all just sit around and make fun of it. Of course, it was also a festivity in which I possessed the singular Y chromosome. Things got very girly with boy talk and all that. A few of us got drunk, then we played Rock Band.

4. Also ended up drunk IMing shoroko. Um. Sorry about that.
11th-Feb-2010 12:56 am - Whaaaaaaat the hell just happened?
1. So in my last post I said that I jammed with my friend Katie and we were beginning to form a band. Well. A few days later, she got an invite to a showcase for up-and-coming bands to play at Webster Hall. She immediately called me up. Now, we've roped in a drummer and possibly a bassist. I'm on rhythm guitar, harmonica, mandolin, lead vocals, and lyrics. She's on lead guitar and banjo. We're naming the band tomorrow.

Oh yeah. On March 23, we're also opening up for 1992 Grammy nominee Andrew Strong, who also happened to be in the film The Commitments. With Glen Hansard. Yes. That Glen Hansard.

2. Snow day today. I don't know how many inches we got, I don't care. I spent most of the day songwriting and playing Apples to Apples with (my love) fifithepig and her roommates. I'm currently juggling writing about 4 or 5 songs simultaneously, but ... damn. I can't wait to perform these now.

3. John Mayer, please stop being a douche. I paid a lot of money to see you in concert. I usually only pay money to see people I like. You're very, very quickly falling off that list as a result of a particular, recent interview. Now please continue your apology tour.
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